Ally Chan, designer of Cinesina.


Back in 2013, Chan quitted her job as a fashion designer, and went to Milan to experience, picking up the language and enjoying the culture of Italy. She got inspired by the various of jewellary designers in Milan, from vintage to modern and was amazed by the materials can be use in jewellary design from different eras.

Chan started Cinesina after she came back from Milan, she was doing hand-made jewellery in her spare time while she was in job hunting. Her first jewellery collection launched in  September 2014, it was a trial of her experimental project as she wants to discover what women love to wear in daily. In February 2015, her second collection with glass beads turned out a success. And eventually decided to work as a full-time for Cinesina, so she could be more focus on her creation of glass jewellery.


Cinesina - in Italian - means “a little Chinese girl”.

A nickname of the designer, which she had been using for long, she decided to use it as her brand name that represents her works and what she believes in.


What we do?

We focus on a range of handmade glass jewelleries, included in lampworking, fusing, cold working and glass painting techniques, and inspired by polka dots, bubbles and rounded objects. Every collection we are trying to give a new identity to glass and explore a new possibility of glass as a material for jewelry.


Our products present in a modern and simple mood, which women can be easy to mix and match with their day- to-day looks and styles.